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Content Writer and Editor who loves talking about writing, productivity, and self-care.

You name it, I’ve tried it.

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For as much as I love writing, you’d think it’d be easy for me to just sit down and write. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Though I work as a full-time content writer, it seems that finding the time and energy to write my own personal content is the hardest thing in the world.

Sometimes it feels as if I’ve tried every tip and trick ever suggested. And when none of the previous tricks work, I come up with one more and try again. …

Trust the process. Keep writing

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For many of us writers, coming up with content ideas can be the hardest thing about writing on this platform. We understand that the issue isn’t coming up with content ideas but rather coming up with good content ideas. With so many writers publishing their work simultaneously, the only way we can stand out is to publish content that is original, relevant, and uniquely us.

No pressure.

So what do we do? We put ideas on virtual paper and sent them out to our favorite publications. If a publication accepts our content, everything goes well, and the idea machine that…

Finally had enough of the red flags

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Here’s the thing: When I accepted a web content writer position in early May of 2020, I had the full intention of getting paid. But by the time I resigned from my position two months later, I had created over 30 articles, edited over 100 articles, and managed approximately 30 people. All without pay.

So what the heck happened?

Finding online writing gigs

A content writer with no gigs at the time, I was surfing through LinkedIn and Indeed for hours every day, applying to all kinds of writer positions. Eventually, I found a content writer position on Indeed that claimed to pay $40,000-$50,000…

Without the proper boundaries, feedback can feel like a personal attack

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The problem with a long string of successes is that, when that one inevitable flop arrives, you’re caught completely off-guard. This happened to me last year. Article after article kept getting published in awesome publications, and I got used to having editors accept my work.

Until one editor didn’t.

I submitted my article for their publication, and after a few days, I was told that the article wasn’t very original and they’d have to pass on it. Here’s the thing: they were totally right. I knew what they meant and where I could improve.

The problem was, I hadn’t prepared…

Here’s how I tackle the block and get to work

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The writing process and the challenges it brings looks a little different for every type of writer. As a freelance writer, the process of writing an article is pretty straightforward. With my current clients, it typically goes like this:

  • I’m assigned a topic.
  • I conduct research on said topic.
  • I build an article outline.
  • I start writing.

This system is highly effective for me. Unfortunately, it has yet to do anything to ease my daily case of writer’s block. …

What this Michele Weldon read can teach us about writing to heal

Second only to my weekly therapy sessions, writing is my preferred form of self-care. It’s why I write and probably why I was able to connect with this book and its author. If you also consider writing a form of self-care, this book is for you.

Michele Weldon’s Writing to Save Your Life is a fantastic book that guides readers through the journey that is healing through writing. I suggest you take your time reading it, as each chapter asks you to look inward, a task that may require a good amount of emotional bandwidth. …

What to do when traditional motivation methods aren’t enough

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There are many well-known methods to get your writing motivation up. You can try freewriting, use writing prompts, or even set out a few detailed goals for yourself. These are all great tips, but sometimes, they simply don’t work. So what do you do when nothing else works and you find yourself without the motivation to put pen to paper?

Easy. You get weird.

Or at least a little different. Either way, a few good unconventional techniques might just be what you need to boost your writing motivation. Check out these 7 unconventional methods and try the one that piques…

Let go of guilt and give yourself permission

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You don’t have to go far to find self-care advice. A simple Google search of the phrase “self-care” gives us over 2 billion hits. It seems every website, blog, and magazine out there recognizes the role of self-care in people’s mental health. As a result, the number of self-care tips is endless.

Read a book.

Take a bath.

Go for a walk.

Practice mindfulness.

This is not to say self-care advice is bad. These are all great self-care tips that you should definitely apply to your daily life. Especially people who tend to forget to care for themselves. …

Emotions will always come to the surface.

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It’s 11 a.m. on a Wednesday morning as I write this. It’s also been an hour and a half since I realized today would not be a good day. Nothing caused my mood to drop, but then again, chronic depression doesn’t need a reason.

If this had occurred a year ago, my first instinct would be to fight the depression. To compensate with food and wish away the negative feeling. If those techniques didn’t work, I’d go to bed and try to sleep it off.

Anything to avoid feeling my depression.

Now I know better than to bottle things up…

This is not a drill

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The words won’t come. You are paralyzed from your wrists to your fingernails. The desire is there, but your hands refuse to move. You state the blank page with a sense of dread and repeat the same question over and over again in your head: “Why can’t I write?”

If this scenario feels familiar, it’s likely you have experienced writer’s block. Know that you’re not alone. Writers before you have experienced this, as will many more writers after you. For as world-ending as it may feel at times, writer’s block is completely normal.

Still, no amount of normalizing can take…

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