Hey there, I'm Ashley. Here's what you need to know about me.

I'm 25 years old, currently living in Houston, Texas with my husband and dog, and working full time as a copywriter for Chegg.

Why am I on Medium?

Because there are a variety of topics that I love to talk about and Medium offers the perfect community of writers and readers to share my thoughts. Here, I write what I like, not what I think will make me successful.

What topics do I cover?

What else is there to know about me?

I love to read.

To feed my inner Literature major, I go to the classics. To get out of a reading slump, I go to spicy novellas with little to no plot. To make myself laugh, I read anything Sarah Andersen. To read within my comfort zone, I go to nonfiction books within the self-help, personal development genre. To expand my reading horizons, I pick up an adult fiction book (no YA for me, sorry).

I am an introverted home body.

I don't do parties, large crowds, people I don't know very well, or people I know well but don't trust. The only person I like having around for an extended period of time is my husband, who doubles as my best friend. I've nothing against traveling or exploring the world, but my cozy two-bedroom apartment is where it's at for me.

I struggle with my mental health.

Let's just say I have a couple of diagnostic codes under my belt, the main ones being chronic depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Sometimes is hard to exist. Other times I feel light and capable of anything. This reflects in my writing, as I'm an advocate for self-compassion and self-care. Your mental health should always be the priority, and I'll tell you as much in my content.

Wanna stay in touch?

Feel free to submit a contact form on my personal website, or email me at ashleyparamo.me@gmail.com

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